Opening Reception 6th Floor Gallery

Thursday, June 8th, 5-7PM

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On View

May Brings Flowers: Memories Are Yours
May 22– June 30, 2023

Join The Blake for an opening reception with lite bites and drinks to celebrate the summer exhibition, “May Brings Flowers: Memories Are Yours.” The first in a two-part group exhibition featuring a mix of emerging artists from New Haven, NYC, and beyond, curated by Omola Studio and in partnership with Town Green District.

The first exhibition “May Brings Flowers” consists of a mix of photography, illustration, weaving and paintings, the work of 6 artists with current national shows: Johan Orellana (Brooklyn NY), Pap Souleye Fall (Philadelphia), Amira Brown (New Haven), Chris Jones (New Haven), MO (New Haven), and Sophie Harpo (New Haven). The second exhibition, opening in July, will feature the work of artists in the context of “Personal Stories”. This exhibition celebrates the diverse and intimate narratives we all share, with each artwork representing human connection and interaction. The stories told by the artists invite us to reflect on our own experiences and connect with the experiences of others.

“Memories are powerful and personal, and they have the ability to connect us to our past, present, and future. In the “May Brings Flowers: Memories Are Yours” exhibition, artists use various mediums to capture and express memories, and invite us to reflect on our own memories and the impact they have on our lives. The works in this exhibition are not only a testament to the power of memories, but also teach us something about each artist and their practice, potentially unearthing something within ourselves.”

-MO, Omola Studios