Book a Holiday Getaway Today for New Years

Come mark New Year’s in New Haven, enjoying the city’s best boutique accommodations right here at The Blake! You’ll enjoy premium hospitality at our snazzy hotel and an awesome High Street location in this historic, dynamic city: a fine place, needless to say, to bid 2020 adieu (what a year!) and welcome in 2021 with … Continued

Wine Tasting Near New Haven, CT

If you have an oenophilic bent—that is, if grape’s your go-to—you’ll be very glad to know that we set you up auspiciously here at The Blake for sampling your way around the viticultural geography of greater New Haven. That geography happens to encompass a number of outstanding vineyards and top-quality tasting rooms, any of which make … Continued

Family Fun and Pumpkin Picking in New Haven County

Ah, fall in Southern Connecticut: blazing foliage, southbound birds on the wing, and—yup—pick-your-own pumpkin patches and other family fun. With prime Long Island Sound accommodations at The Blake, you are—despite having all of the urban delights of New Haven at your fingertips—within surprisingly easy reach of some beautiful farms and orchards serving up timeless autumn … Continued

Fall in CT/Fall Bucket List

Fall in Connecticut? Magic! There likely isn’t a more celebrated region in the world for fall colors than New England in general, and the Constitution State offers a magnificent expression of that foliage extravaganza.